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Written by Steven T. Seagle; Art and Cover by Teddy Kristiansen

A softcover edition of the acclaimed VERTIGO hardcover that tells one of the most realistic Superman tales ever - without featuring Superman. Steve's given the dream assignment to write Superman, only he can't relate to a Man of Steel when his own fears of death haunt him. Explore the cultural significance of a comic-book icon as Steve comes to terms with Superman's cultural importance.

"...remarkable, genre-bending work..."
-People Magazine

"...easily ranks with SPIRIT creator Will Eisner's memoirs...and MichaelChabon's best-selling The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay."
-USA Today

"Terrifically wry...deep thinking...this is something truly different."
-Entertainment Weekly, Editor's Choice

"...strikingly original..."
-The New Yorker

-St. Louis Dispatch


"...does something unique with the graphic novel, and it's well worth the time of any reader..."
-San Francisco Chronicle

Recommended on NPR's "Talk of the Nation."