To put it simply… WE LOVE COMIC BOOKS! Reading them, collecting them, exchanging thoughts and opinions of the stories and characters. Seriously, it's comic books we're talk'n here! the most amazing hybrid art form on the planet!

History of Mind’s Eye Comics – MEC was established in 1998 by Andrew Troth. Mr. Troth set out to create the best comic book store, one he’d enjoy shopping at. A mythical place that only existed in his "Mind's Eye"... That is until he made it! Now that wonderful comic shop is a reality for everyone! Mind's Eye comics is a space that is welcoming, courteous, sophisticated enough for the savviest of comic connoisseurs, and whimsical enough to appease the lighthearted. Mind's Eye is known for its well organized inventory and carrying a wide selection of titles. For twenty years Andrew had successfully operated Mind’s Eye Comics in Eagan Minnesota before deciding to retire from the comic book biz in pursuit of other endeavors. This wasn't an easy decision for Andrew, Mind's Eye Comics is a special place for many. So special in fact to one individual in particular, that the saga continues!

Plot Twist – Longtime customer Eric Childs steps in to continue the business. Mind’s Eye Comics does NOT close, but instead continues business under new ownership and in a new city! Mind's Eye Comics now in Burnsville Minnesota!