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  • In 1950, writers Arnold Drake and Leslie Waller, both attending college on the G.I. Bill, envisioned a sophisticated, novel-length comic tailored to their peers. Collaborating with comics art master Matt Baker, known for singularly defining the genre of "good girl art" on titles such as Phantom Lady, they crafted a film-noir inspired masterwork of romance, intrigue, and moral relativity. When cynical newspaperman Hal Weber reunites with old flame Rust Masson, he finds the beguiling widow of a mining magnate willing to do anything to undermine the local political machine-her only opponent for total control of Copper City!

    This painstakingly restored replica volume includes a new introduction by writer Arnold Drake providing a first-hand history of the graphic novel. Before winning the Bill Finger Award for lifetime achievement in comics writing, before creating Deadman, or writing Doom Patrol and X-Men, Drake helped bring the original "picture novel" to life, a true milestone in the history of comics!

  • Considered by many to be the first graphic novel, It Rhymes with Lust returns to print after more than fifty years-in the only edition authorized by the original creators!

    Heart of Empire® © 1999, 2006 Bryan Talbot. It Rhymes with Lust Introduction text and artwork © 2006 Arnold Drake.