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Kids love chains, really big guns, cool creatures, and lots of action scenes. Spawn has always had those things in abundance, all of which continue in the first spin-off title of the new interconnected Spawn world: Spawn's Universe. Featuring four new stories, each with fantastic artists on board, ranging from Jim Cheung, Brett Booth, Stephen Segovia and Marcio Takara, each story is written by the creator of Spawn himself, Mr. Todd McFarlane.

In the longer main story, we see Cogliostro get captured by a group of warriors from Hell, disguised as Humans. It seems thanks to the recent actions of our hero Spawn that any and all forces from Heaven or Hell trapped on Earth, and factions of each are uniting for domination of Earth. After rescuing a woman from yet another group of disguised demons, Spawn discovers that the Omega Spawn may not have died and has tracked him to an island from papers the woman was carrying.

Determined to investigate, Spawn arms up and reactivates Cy-Gor to aid him, and the two are then ambushed on the island by a new player who can control their powers. Quickly turning Cy-Gor against him, Spawn is captured and suddenly finds himself shackled in a room with both Cogliostro and the recently introduced Gunslinger Spawn. Determined to get answers, the new villain realizes one of them must know what he needs to act upon plans to unite several evil factions and destroy the Earth.

Spawn's Universe is a very fun read, much in the same way a Bruckheimer film or a Fast and Furious movie are, it definitely got my attention and interested me in what is going on. Having not read Spawn since the first 100 issues, it was nice to see that while many things have changed and moved forward, there are also many familiar things and characters still in place. Seeing Cogliostro and Cy-Gor for example, definitely pulled on the nostalgic heartstrings for me. Definitely a fun read, a good jump on place for anyone overwhelmed by 300-plus issues of the main Spawn title.