PICKS OF THE WEEK! Sunday, June 13th

This weeks 2nd pick...


The hot new indie comic series Geiger rolls into its 3rd issue this week. Featuring the creative team of writer Geoff Johns, and superstar artist Gary Frank, the series has followed a man who was stricken with cancer, was given an experimental treatment that made his body radioactive and as a result, he has survived a nuclear apocalypse. Wandering the land for weapons and supplies, he has built a wall around a bunker his family was locked in after the apocalypse started, hoping to keep them safe until it’s okay to come out.

Meanwhile, a cocky little “King” has heard stories of the glowing man wandering the area, attacking his men and stealing their supplies. Seeking to prove himself by slaying the glowing man, issue 3 tells the tale of the first meeting between this king and our tragic main character. Ambushing him near the bunker, the king is about to cut off the head of the glowing man when his men discover the bunker. Wondering what’s inside, the king orders the entrance blown open. The smoke clears, and all that is seen on the other side are the skeletons of our main characters family. Learning he had been protecting his family for nothing, he goes into a rage, activates his powers and attacks the king and his men.

I wasn’t completely on board with the first two issues, to be honest, but this issue definitely tugged at the feels. When it’s revealed his family is actually dead, and he breaks down crying, it’s hard not to get emotional. His attack on the king and his men is savage, resulting in him burning the king’s face and proclaiming sadly that he had taken his hope away from him, effectively giving him nothing left to live for. Now emotionally bonded to him, I can’t wait to see where the series goes, and to see the revenge the king no doubt is planning.