PICKS OF THE WEEK! Friday, June 4th

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Many of my favorite indie comics lately have come from Boom Studios. Once and Future, Eve and The Last Witch among them. The latest is a new horror tale called Basilisk, written by superstar writer Cullen Bunn. It begins with a more painted looking sequence, beautifully rendered, with five people coming down from the mountains into a small town. When one of the townspeople approaches them, asking if they need help, one of the mystery people attacks him.

We cut to years later, and into a more traditionally rendered art style, as Hannah prepares to confront one of the mystery people, whom she’s been tracking ever since her family was killed by one of them. She confronts her outside a diner, and abducts her to her motel room. The mystery woman introduces herself as Regan, and explains that she has been on her own for some time, away from the other four, after disagreeing with their methods and the mounting death toll. Suddenly, a group Regan refers to as the “Faithful” begins shooting into the room. Regan takes care of them, using her powers, and tells Hannah she will help her track down the others and stop them.

A really tense, well crafted first issue, which definitely sets up endless possibilities for where the story can go. The relationship between Hannah and Regan, in particular, is going to be interesting to see unfold, as well as Regan’s relationship to her family she’s turned against. I also look forward to the explanation of who these mystery people are, where they came from and what they ultimately want. A really good first issue!