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Warning: this title is definitely for mature audiences only, and most definitely not for kids.

In the new indie comic, Vinyl, published by Image Comics, we first meet Agent Ruiz preparing to again meet a suspected serial killer, trying to force him to slip up or tip himself off that he’s in fact a killer. The only problem is, agent Ruiz came out of retirement to help on the case, hates Walter, the suspected killer, and is kind of a grumpy curmudgeon. Basically, his people skills are lacking.

So, when Walter arrives, very friendly and aloof, commenting on the fact that they’ve been meeting for almost a year, it sends Ruiz into a frenzy. He presses harder for information from Walter, but then the two are interrupted by Madeline, a figure from Ruiz’s past. Seems he wrongly imprisoned her son, who wants to start a family, and Madeline has maneuvered into Ruiz’s daughters life, bringing her into her cult like family. And she’s chosen her to be her son’s new bride, unless Ruiz goes with her. Fast on the trail however, is Walter, not willing to let his friend be hurt.

A delightful book, in many ways. Firstly, the art by Daniel Hillyard is fantastic, and the script by Doug Wagner is both witty, and disturbing all at the same time, while mostly remaining very compelling and fun. Walter comes off as a very nice and lovable serial killer, loyal to a fault and always listening to Vinyl as he kills people. Walter is so nice, in fact, that he goes after Ruiz to save him, making for an interesting confrontation in the end of this issue and into issue two.