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The importance to the opening of a story cannot be understated. Especially in a comic book, which in itself has a very limited amount of time to hook us in and keep us wanting more. So, when a character I had never met before opens a Supergirl comic narrating to us about the cruel and senseless death of her father, at the hands of a man named Krem “of the yellow hills,” I was instantly interested and emotionally connected to the story.

After literally pulling the sword used to kill her father from his body, Ruthye sneaks off from her family farm, where her six elder brothers seem content to let the gods decide the fate of their fathers killer. She arrives at a tavern, seeking a warrior to help her hunt down Krem and kill him. She makes the mistake of offering the sword pulled from her father’s body as payment to one such warrior, who takes it from her. In the corner, however, is Supergirl, on her 21st birthday, having sought out a world with a red sun, so she can get drunk. And drunk she is.

After humiliating the warrior in a brief bar fight, and then returning the sword to Ruthye, Supergirl wakes up with a hangover, and is asked to take up the vengeance quest by Ruthye. Refusing, based on her morals as a hero, Supergirl prepares to leave the planet with Krypto, when not only Ruthye tracks her to her ship, to once again ask for her help, but the humiliated warrior has tracked her down as well. And he’s brought along a friend: Krem.

A beautiful first issue, both from the artwork by Bilquis Evely and the writing by Tom King. Like I said, I was immediately hooked from the first panels to the story of Ruthye and her vengeance quest. The climax of the issue was very dramatic as well, and definitely left me wanting more. I eagerly await future issues of the mini series.