PICKS OF THE WEEK! Friday, July 30, 2nd Pick

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The Last Book You’ll Ever Read. The title alone is immediately thought provoking. The latest from multi-tasking and popular writer Cullen Bunn (who had at least 4 different books drop this week), and artist Leila Leiz, the book focuses on author Olivia Kade. Seems Olivia has written a book called Satyr, denouncing civilization as a lie, and that humanity is simply “housebroken,” playing at the role of being domesticated and well behaved, and is doing so poorly.

Olivia further writes that there is a very thin line between our apparent societal obligation of being well mannered, and the very real primal urges we have to give into our feral and violent impulses, written into our DNA. But the problem isn’t what Olivia has written, even though people on all sides have denounced it. The real problem is that since it’s release people have suddenly acted on its message of giving into those primal urges, and an epidemic of violence has broken out. This outbreak of violence, which Olivia’s book seems to condone, leads to a debate on whether or not she is to blame, and the need for Olivia to hire a private bodyguard to protect her from rabid readers of her book.

I love stories that question society, and the human condition. Not that I’d condone violence, or any sudden or drastic reversal of civilization, but I love the thought exercise in thinking about the how’s and whys we are, collectively, the way we are. Why do we accept the rules, written or otherwise, of society, and what have we given up or sacrificed as a species as a result? And are we responsible for acting on the ideas presented by others? Such as those acting on Olivia’s ideas in her book in this issue. This comic expertly asks those questions and more. I very much enjoyed it, and look forward to seeing where it goes; both in the story, and what further questions it may ask.