PICKS OF THE WEEK! Friday, July 30, 1st Pick

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Sometimes, a well illustrated cover can really pull you into a comic book. It can capture your imagination, and make it so you literally cannot stop thinking about it, or what the possibilities are for what’s inside. One such cover, for me anyways, is the new Amazing Fantasy #1. Drawn in the tradition of Fantasy giants like Frazetta and Vallejo, the cover illustration by Kaare Andrews is a beautiful thing to behold. Featuring a long haired, bearded Captain America, riding a flying Lion creature, arrows stuck on his shield and ready to rescue the damsel in distress, the image is really cool and thought provoking. Inside, we are treated to three stories; featuring world war 2 era Captain America, a younger, Red Room era Black Widow and a teenage Spider-Man, all suddenly finding themselves on a mysterious island, away from events from moments beforehand in their own times, and surrounded by strange creatures and people. As the three stories unfold separately, and the characters each begin to fully grasp their new surroundings, the mysteries quickly become how they got there, and why.

The opening of this first issue features a quote, which nicely sets up what the final pages seem to indicate is happening. As fate and destiny seem to have a hand to play in bringing these heroes to this island. The questions are many, which for me only added to my enjoyment of the issue, and my interest in the rest of the series. As I’ve been enjoying a lot of shorter run (mostly independent) comics more lately, I’m happy to see the mini series format continue to succeed at Marvel as well. If you’re interested in something new and different featuring the marvel characters, this just might be what you’re looking for.