PICKS OF THE WEEK! Friday, July 2nd, 1st Pick

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Among the “top tier” Marvel characters, Cap is right at the top of the list for me in terms of favorites. I’ve always enjoyed reading the many long runs by great writers like Mark Gruenwald or Mark Waid. Like Superman is for DC, Cap is the character bigger than himself in the Marvel universe. He stands for more than just beating the baddies, or a cool shield. He stands for the best we can be. As Americans, sure, but just as people too.

In the new mini series: The United States of Captain America, writer Christopher Cantwell dives into the legacy of Captain America and what he means to the world around him. Realizing that he stands for more than just himself, but the dream of what America represents, Steve has learned to take on the responsibilities of that mantle, taking the good with the bad.

But when a mysterious person dressed like him attacks him, and steals his shield, Steve and Falcon are soon in pursuit. After the attacker uses Steve’s shield to cause a train crash, they meet another person dressed as yet another Captain America. The Captain America of the rails, who explains there are others inspired by Steve, taking up the mantle as well, all of whom Steve realizes are in great danger.

A really solid first issue, complete with a backup story about the new Captain of the rails. The opening sequence was very good, and really heavy, talking about both the dream and lie of America, and what it represents versus what it can sometimes be. I’m definitely onboard for the series, and look forward to seeing where the story goes, and how these various people taking up the mantle of Captain America fare, and how many are doing it for good, or evil.