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Warning: This comic contains offensive language accurate to the era depicted. Some readers may find this offensive or uncomfortable.

Avery Aldridge, known as “Double A” to his friends, and from his time in the Army, is walking out of a restaurant when he notices he’s being followed. Cornered in an alley, Avery finds himself answering questions about himself at gunpoint. All the while, the story flashes back and forth to an event in Avery’s past during World War 2. After the pursuer seems intent on shooting Avery in the alley, Avery displays an unexpected and unknown power to defend himself.

A fast paced, and well written first issue by Latoya Morgan and artist Walt Barna, I found myself immediately captivated by the dual stories with the main character. Why does the person pursuing Avery despise him so much? And what happens after what we’re shown in the past WW2 sequence? And where does Avery get his powers? Lots of good questions raised, and a good way to engage readers moving forward. If you’re looking for something of a mystery, this one’s for you!