PICKS OF THE WEEK! Friday, July 2, 2nd Pick

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Meet Steve Murray. He’s a line cook at a Canadian restaurant in the middle of nowhere, going by the great pseudonym of “Dave Murray.” Steve is also actually the “real” name of comics writer and artist Chip Zdarsky, on the run ever since comic book characters entered the real world (see the first six issues of Crossover), and comic book creators were quickly targeted and killed. Chip Zdarsky is also the writer of this particular comic book, starring Chip Zdarsky, on the run and eventually being helped by the comic book persona of himself. It’s the most delightfully meta thing you’ll read this year, I promise.

On the run, Steve (or real Chip) goes out to dinner with the owner of a comic book shop, and explains how he escaped to Canada and how afraid he’s been. Afterwards, he’s confronted by the pixelated comic book version of himself, mostly created for another very meta issue: the infamous Sex Criminals #14 (a fantastic series btw). The comic version of Chip has everything that Steve (real Chip) doesn’t, and Steve feels inadequate by comparison. Swearing to protect Steve, no matter what, comic book Chip goes along as they keep moving from a menace they can both feel is nearby.

Complete with extremely entertaining commentary on comic books, fans, writers and past projects by Zdarsky (including his amazing Howard the Duck run, soon to be published in Omnibus form!), this issue is incredible. A journey of self doubt and discovery, it’s beyond just being meta, it’s an extremely personal tale. I loved the scene with the comic shop owner on the phone, telling someone he won’t pay much for their back issues, especially anything from the ‘90s. Lol. Crossover has turned into a really great book, and this issue by Zdarsky is by far its best outing so far.