Mind's Eye Comics Pick! -- Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #2

Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #2 

Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick 

Artist: Gene Ha 

Just like in Book One, this second issue’s artwork is beautiful. Gene Ha is able to establish an his Amazonian style and add to the majestically art from Phil Jimenez in book one. This issue focuses more on a young Hippolyta and her journey of finding herself and in turn, becoming a true Amazon. The Amazonian  history is at the forefront of this title, which is refreshing to experience, especially with the flat storytelling of the current Trial of Amazons event. It is very immersive and transformative - Greek mythology lover or not! 

It is a delight to see Kelly Sue DeConnick writing a female focused DC title, after her underrated Aquaman run. She really captures the feminist focus of the Amazons and how Hippolyta fight for her freedom no matter the cause. 

Definitely pick this title up, it is easily accessible even for those who have not read the first book or any recent Wonder Woman titles. This is a story that many can appreciate, if not for the story then just for Gene Ha’s artwork alone. I am excited to see where Book three takes the history of the amazons. Two books in, and Wonder Woman Historia : The Amazons is proving to be one of the best crafted tales in the lore of Wonder Woman.