Mind's Eye Comics Pick! - Wolverine: Patch #1

Wolverine: Patch #1, Marvel Comics

Writer: Larry Hama

Artist: Andrea Di Vito

Set during Wolverine’s fan favorite Madripoor era, when Logan went by the alias “Patch” and co-owned The Princess Bar with Tyger Tiger, this series is also written by Wolverine veteran writer Larry Hama. After a client makes a request that Patch look into suspicious activity in the jungles surrounding Madripoor, Patch dives into the mission (literally), and quickly discovers that there’s more going on than meets the eye. 

Complete with Patch’s pilot pal Archie, a visit with old school Nick Fury, and featuring a shady organization doing evil in the jungle, this first issue was a delight for an old school X-fan like myself. The artwork by Andrea Di Vito is also really beautiful, and the action scenes are well done. Marvel seems determined to deliver these nostalgia fueled, era specific runs, and at least in this case, I can’t recommend it highly enough! Great fun!