Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- Unnatural: Blue Blood #1

Unnatural: Blue Blood #1, Image Comics

Writer: Mirka Andolfo

Artists: Mirka Andolfo and Ivan Bidarella

The Sequel to the hit series Unnatural, published originally in Italy and then in the U.S. by Image Comics, starting in 2018, the series quickly became a fan favorite and a staff and store favorite here at Mind's Eye Comics. A story, featuring anthropomorphic characters living in a not too distant future society, was at once a story touching on poignant themes of a social and political nature, as well as an endearing character study by creator and writer Mirka Andolfo. The new series, Blue Blood, picks up a bit after the first series ended. Shea is haunted by the disappearance of her adoptive parents, and is acting out in school, much to the detriment of her relationship with her brother Khal. In a romantic relationship with Leslie, our main protagonist, Khal is upset at having to parent his little sister and the strain it's putting on their relationship.

Meanwhile, Leslie has now invested her father's money in a restaurant run by her and Khal, meaning they are doing all the work themselves. Society seems to be doing better, moving past the events of the first story, with The Slaughterhouse, secret sects, gods and the attempts to control society and eliminate anyone, or any species, deemed unnatural. However, between Shea's haunting dreams and a growing uneasiness from Leslie, it seems like things are heating up again for our main characters from a growing threat. A really good first issue, with a solid plot from Andolfo, and phenomenal artwork by Ivan Bidarella, capturing the spirit and flair of Andolfo's artwork from the original run, this was a magical experience from start to finish. If you haven't experienced the world of Leslie and Unnatural, I'd highly recommend tracking down either the trade paperbacks or the hardcover omnibus and then jumping into this new series!