Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- The Flash One Minute War: Start The Clock Special

The Flash One Minute War: Start The Clock Special, DC Comics

Writer: Jeremy Adams

Artist: Roger Cruz

Looking to catch up on the current Flash storyline, the One Minute War? Look no further! This "Start The Clock" special collects issues 790-792 of The Flash, comprising the first three parts of the hit story. Written by Jeremy Adams, quickly becoming a fan favorite writer, the One Minute War story centers around an alien group called "The Fraction," somehow using the speed-force to power themselves and their technology. They arrive suddenly, in force, and quickly establish a perimeter within a huge portion of Central City and Keystone City. Essentially freezing all non speed-force users in time, to better collect the resources they've come for, The Fraction begins it's conquest, and it's left to the Earth-bound speed-force users (The Flash family) to find out what's going on and stop the invasion.

As someone catching up on the series myself, I was extremely entertained by both the storyline and dialogue by Adams. Especially the banter between Kid Flash and Impulse. I never felt lost, but the cast of characters to keep track of is admittedly quite large. That said, Adams juggles them well, giving each their own moments. Wally West is still the focal POV character, both a husband and father of his own family, as well as the surrogate father of much of The Flash family. When tragedy does strike The Flash family in part one, it adds more weight and emotional impact to the storyline. And the idea and concept of The Fraction group is really intriguing, and feels like a worthy foe for the speedsters, instead of just another rogue speedster (which gets old). For anyone who hasn't been reading it already, I'd definitely recommend jumping on here and reading the rest of the storyline to come!