Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- The Closet #1

The Closet #1, Image Comics

Writer: James Tynion IV

Artist: Gavin Fullerton

Thom is a husband and father, down on his luck, arguing with his wife and getting ready to move the family to Portland. Sent out for moving supplies, but convinced he'll just get in the way at home, Thom stops off at a bar for a few drinks and a little liquid courage. Aside from frequent arguments with his wife, most of which he blames on himself, he reveals to the bartender that his son, Jaime, is having nightmares and is scared of his closet. Convinced the move to Portland will solve the problem on its own, Thom heads home to find his wife upset, and his son still scared of the closet. As the issue continues we see that Jaime has a very good reason to be afraid of his closet, and that the move probably won't solve the problem. 

Equal parts creepy and relatable, Tynion strikes a great balance between domestic drama and creepy horror story. The colors by Chris O' Halloran also really help add to the mood of the book in a striking way. Thom could easily come off as a deadbeat father and husband, but instead becomes incredibly relatable and endearing in a surprising way, thanks to the narrative. I was also surprised the story focused equally on Thom, the father, as it did the son, Jaime, which works incredibly well to set up the complete family dynamic and help the reader become that much more invested in the events which unfold. With those events of the last section of this issue, it sets up an intriguing and creepy future for the family and this series.