Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- Starhenge Book One: The Dragon and The Boar #1

Starhenge Book One: The Dragon and The Boar #1, Image Comics

Written and Illustrated By: Liam Sharp

Vengeful robots, science gone awry, space travel, lost magic, and wait...Arthurian legend? Liam Sharp's new book, Starhenge, has it all. From the opening text, an excerpt from The History of The Kings of Britain, you're aware this is a very cerebral, thought provoking book. By it's nature, this is not a quick read. You'll spend a lot of time with each page, each panel really, being sucked into this vast world, transfixed equally by the beautiful artwork and mesmerizing story, both by Liam Sharp. Set simultaneously in three time periods (past, present and future), the concept of time in this book proves a bit "timey wimey," a reference to Doctor Who within the comic itself. Which I particularly enjoyed. Still, it's a complicated story, best read multiple times.

The elevator summary goes something like this; humans figure out how to travel faster than the speed of light and begin traveling to other inhabitable planets within the galaxy. A ship travels to a particular planet and inadvertently awakens a long dormant (and cranky) artificial intelligence. This AI shoots down the ship, begins torturing the astronauts and learns everything it can about humanity from the ships memory. They begin making creepy robots with imitation human skin and they go to war with humanity. A group of future magic Knights are able to temporarily keep the robots at bay, but the robots eventually wipe out these Knights, and people forget about magic. Realizing magic still exists in the past, and is needed to defeat the robots, the Queen of human expansion sends a warrior back in time to find magic, but since she's not returned, the Queen now sends her son to the Earth in the past as humanity's last hope in the future. It's Terminator, but with some Arthurian legends mixed in.