Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- Star Wars: Yoda #1

Star Wars: Yoda #1, Marvel Comics

Writer: Cavan Scott

Artist: Nico Leon

We begin this tale with Yoda on Dagobah, in his familiar hut in the swamp, having retreated into exile since the rise of the Galactic Empire. While meditating, Yoda is beset by a voice from the beyond wishing to speak with him. We then jump to the distant past, to a planet in the outer rim, where a peaceful village is attacked by raiders. The Jedi Council then receives their distress signal, and debates whether or not to help the remote planet. After it's decided to help, a younger Yoda volunteers to go by himself, believing the force will place him where he needs to be. 

Featuring insanely beautiful artwork by Nico Leon, this first issue of Yoda was really entertaining. Being written by Cavan Scott, one of the head writers of the Star Wars: High Republic books and comics, I couldn't help but think the past tale of Yoda was taking place during that time period, but it wasn't specifically said. A good moral tale of Master Yoda realizing people need help, and stepping up to do the right thing, like we all love the Jedi for doing. I really enjoyed how Cavan Scott, and the artwork by Nico Leon, established the people and village Yoda is going to rescue. A great first issue, featuring everyones favorite Jedi in action.