Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- Star Wars: The Mandalorian #1

Star Wars: The Mandalorian #1, Marvel Comics

Written/Adapted By: Rodney Barnes

Artwork by: Georges Jeanty

Finally! We can hold a copy of The Mandalorian comic book in our hands! Off the massive success of the Disney Plus series comes an adaptation of the first season in beautiful comic book form. In this first issue, adapted by Rodney Barnes and Georges Jeanty (one of my favorite artists, btw), we see the events of the very first episode of The Mandalorian, including our introduction to Mando himself, Greef Karga and little Grogu, whose first appearance set the internet on fire a few years ago, when we all affectionately knew him as Baby Yoda.

If you're feeling slighted at getting "just" an adaptation of the show, fret not, this first issue retelling of the first episode is extremely good, and incredibly fun. It's actually amazing to hold in your hands, I'm not kidding. The show was, and still is, exceptionally good, and getting a full comic book adaption produced is basically spoiling Star Wars fans at this point. If you're a Star Wars fan or not, even if you're just a fan of well told comics, this one is worth the pick up. Great artwork by Jeanty, and a wonderful adaption of the show by Barnes. Highly recommended. I have spoken.