Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- Spider-Men: Double Trouble #1

Spider-Men: Double Trouble #1, Marvel Comics

Writers: Mariko Tamaki and Vita Ayala

Artist: Gurihiru

A light-hearted take on Spider-Man, featuring both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, Double Trouble is both very cute, and a lot of fun. After a funny scenario, where Venom is still living with Peter, and seems to steal toast and do odd experiments that cause bad smells, Peter takes Miles out for what he calls "take your sidekick to work day." A fun argument ensues about the idea of a sidekick day and whether or not Miles is in fact the sidekick or not (Miles thinks decidedly not). They then arrive at a top secret warehouse where weapons and trinkets from super villains are stored. Naturally, fun shenanigans occur, mainly from Miles being asked to turn on the lights and hitting the wrong switch, unleashing fun furry creatures, that remind me of a cute and colorful version of Critters. 

This is what I would call a gateway book for younger readers, or comic book newbies. It's a self-contained mini series, well written, easy to read and a fun take on the characters by writers Mariko Tamaki and Vita Ayala. While the book is rated T for Teens, I'd honestly recommend this for all ages. Gurihiru's artwork definitely targets an all ages audience, and does so beautifully. If you recognize the art style, Gurihiru has also done recent things like Superman Smashes The Klan, Thor and Loki: Double Trouble, and Spider-Man and Venom: Double Trouble. Like each of those, it works very well for what its doing, is still incredibly detailed, amazing to look at, and would be very enjoyable for younger readers and both old and new readers alike.