Mind's Eye Comics Pick! - Slumber #1

Slumber #1, Image Comics


Writer: Tyler Burton Smith

Artist: Vanessa Cardinali 

Meet Stetson, she’s a dream detective and nightmare hunter. She takes on clients with bad dreams, stuff that haunts them, and she enters their dreams (in a reverse Monsters Inc. sorta way, also involving a door) and makes the bad stuff go away. From battling evil spider-turkeys, Zombie pop stars and Goblin King’s, Stetson handles it all in search of clues to find The Shadow Walker and to fulfill an as yet unexplained need within her. 

A really well written first issue, the story is unique and very entertaining. Stetson is someone good at her job, but also someone with deep secrets that explain why she’s doing what she’s doing. Secrets I look forward to learning as the series continues. The art style is very different from my usual tastes, but actually works very well for the subject matter. Especially the dream sequences. If you’re looking for something different and fun, this one’s for you.