Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- Shang Chi and the Ten Rings #1

Shang Chi and the Ten Rings #1, Marvel Comics

Written By: Gene Luen Yang

Art By: Marcus To

Shang Chi has taken over his father's evil organization, The Five Weapons Society, and is struggling to try and make it decidedly less evil (as seen in the previous volumes of Shang Chi). If that wasn't enough, to defeat his grandfather, Chieftan Xin, Shang Chi borrowed the legendary ten rings from another dimension (also in the previous volumes). Realizing that every time he uses the Ten Rings, he risks more corruption to their power, Shang Chi attempts to return them, only to realize the gateway to that dimension is mysteriously closed. As he looks for another way into that dimension, Shang Chi locks away the Ten Rings, as unbeknownst to him, basically every evil organization in the Marvel Universe is after them and the power they bring with them.

A solid first issue, even as someone who hadn't read the previous two volumes of Gene Luen Yang's Shang Chi, it was easy to follow and jump into. Marcus To's artwork is fantastic, somehow even more so than his recent work on Excalibur. The tension builds nicely, from an opening scene of Five Weapons Society henchmen trying to steal the Ten Rings, to Shang Chi locking them away, to the finale where everyone from Hydra to The Hand to A.I.M. comes looking for them, and an epic battle ensues. I'll be honest, it was Marcus To's artwork that was the biggest draw for me, having been a huge fan of his work on Excalibur, but I throughly enjoyed everything about this first issue, and will be adding it to my pull list for sure.