Mind's Eye Comics Pick! - Robin & Batman #1

Robin & Batman, DC COMICS

written by Jeff Lemire, and illustrated by Dustin Nguyen


Sort of a “Robin: Year One” story, this is a comic that jumps out at you from the stands. The beautifully illustrated cover (and interior art) by Dustin Nguyen is absolutely gorgeous, striking a wonderful tone with his art style. Joined by fan favorite writer, Jeff Lemire, this superstar creative team gives us a new look at the early days of Dick Grayson, on his journey from personal tragedy to becoming Robin. After young Grayson proves too eager and distracted, and unready in the field, Batman grounds him for more basic training. Eager to prove himself ready, Grayson wonders if he’s spiraling down the same hole of anger and despair that Batman has. After the death of his parents, The Flying Graysons, Batman took him in and agreed to train him to fight. Convinced his grounding is just another test, Grayson crafts his new costume and hits the streets, following Batman into the sewers of Gotham. A surprisingly deep and nuanced look at Robin’s beginning, Lemire manages to expertly humanize Dick Grayson, and make the reader both identify with him, as well as feel dread for his future down his chosen path. Nguyen’s artwork is hypnotic. It’s so beautiful and captures Gotham and the world of Batman strikingly well. Complete with a surprising twist, with an unexpected connection between Robin and a member of Batman’s Rogues Gallery, this issue was fantastic from start to finish and is highly recommended!