Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- My Brother Teddy (One Shot)

My Brother Teddy, Source Point Press

Writer: Jaromir Francois

Artist: Todor Hristov

My Brother Teddy is a wonderfully endearing one shot comic, following the journey of a small boy’s teddy bear to rescue him from a nightmare realm that seemingly exists in the boy’s closet. During a thunderstorm, the teddy bear wakes up to find the boy gone. He goes to the boy’s toy chest and grabs both toy armor and a wooden sword. Yet, as we turn the page, we see the small teddy bear is now a muscle clad warrior bear, in full armor and holding a huge metal sword. 

As the book continues, the warrior bear fights his way past monsters, creatures and other characters to find his master. Told entirely without dialogue, and with only a few text pages, the one shot relies on the beautiful narrative art to tell the story. Small moments of triumph, as well as setbacks and even flashbacks to time spent between the teddy bear and boy all heighten the emotion of the story. It’s a rare comic that can bring its readers on such an incredible journey, leading to an emotional climax, without any dialogue and barely any words.