Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- Multiversity: Harley Screws Up The DCU #1

Multiversity: Harley Screws Up The DCU #1, DC Comics

Writer: Frank Tieri

Artist: Logan Faerber

Upon visiting her Gang of Harley's on Coney Island, Harley Quinn learns that a certain Professor Incredulous, whom she doesn't even know, has left her an inheritance on the island in a nearby warehouse. At first, it appears the good Professor has only left Harley an assortment of items from an old sideshow act, until the gang discovers a item hidden under a tarp. Naturally, Harley investigates, and discovers "the way back booth," an apparent time machine that Harley is way too quick to test out. After a brief trip, Harley reappears to find her Gang of Harley's, and all of Coney Island, controlled by Starro the Conqueror. A mysterious stranger helps her escape, and lets her know her role in inadvertently altering the timeline. Now, Harley and the stranger must team up to repair the damage.

An incredibly fun first issue, accidental time hijinks and Harley Quinn seem to be a perfect fit, like peanut butter and jelly. The dialogue by Frank Tieri is fun, witty and accessible, making references to past Harley runs, as well as pop culture. Logan Faerber's artwork is also fun, and fits the style of a Harley Quinn comic very well. The scenario also works incredibly well, and my favorite part is the call-back to Starro the Conqueror, as Harley has sufficiently messed up the timeline enough that he has (finally) successfully conquered the planet. I look forward to seeing what else Harley messed up, in future issues, and how she and her "mysterious stranger" work together to fix things. If you're looking for a fun and light-hearted comic book, away from crossovers and constant continuity, this is the book for you!