Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- Miles Morales: Spider-Man and Moon Girl #1

Miles Morales: Spider-Man and Moon Girl #1, Marvel Comics

Writer: Mohale Mashigo

Artist: IG Guara

In the first of three special Moon Girl one shots, Moon Girl teams up with Miles Morales after Devil Dinosaur suddenly disappears. While juggling school and her parents, Moon Girl is on the case to find her missing buddy and teammate. She must first come up with an excuse to use equipment at Brooklyn Visions Academy, where she runs into Miles Morales. Finding clues, and using self made tracking equipment, Moon Girl narrows down the search and inadvertently gains the attention of Miles as Spider-Man. The two of them team up to find Devil Dinosaur and stop the villains behind his disappearance.

A really fun issue, especially for any long suffering Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur fans, who saw the incredibly fun series end prematurely in September of 2019. So, its nice to see Lunella (Moon Girl) and DD (Devil Dinosaur) in action again for these one shots. The same themes that made the series great are still evident here in this one shot; Lunella is still the smartest person in any room, she still can give the sass, even to Miles, and great action scenes pitting Lunella and her intellect against an array of bad guys. I eagerly look forward to the next one shot, teaming Moon Girl up with the Avengers, before the final one shot with Lunella and the X-Men. And if you enjoy this issue, definitely give the Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur series a try!