Mind's Eye Comics Pick! -- Metal Society #1

Metal Society #1, Top Cow Productions/Image comics

Writer: Zack Kaplan

Artist: Guilherme Balbi

Metal Society is a fantastic story, set in a not all too distant future, where humanity has ultimately destroyed itself, it’s resources and it’s planet, and a robotic artificial intelligence has risen to take its place. In an ironic twist, it is the robots who now prosper and marvel in their own ingenuity, and create multiple new generations of humanity in a laboratory. Given a lower class status, and essentially only the jobs the robots didn’t want to do themselves, humanity functions merely to serve its robot creators, while a fragile coexistence is kept by a council of the first six humans the robots made.

A fascinating dystopian, science fiction tale, Metal Society is at once a study of the class structure within society, and the hubris of the upper class, with (in this case) robots fighting to first gain control over humanity and then keep it. The book also shows the inevitable rise of a resistance movement in response. There’s really a lot going on here, and it works beautifully. As we meet Rosa, who yearns for more than the laborers life she’s been given, and who gains the attention of Abe, one of the first six humans and an organizer of a underground movement to better humanity, we see the inevitable clash between robots and humans brewing. I highly recommend this one!