Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- Kroma #1

Kroma #1, Image Comics

Story and Art By: Lorenzo De Felici

Zet is a young boy, living in a primitive society devoid of all color. He has been raised and taken in by the Makavi, the town without color's leader and priest figure. Zet and other boys are being groomed by the Makavi to take a leadership role in the society, and are taking part in a ritual in front of the entire town. The Makavi explains the society was once free to roam the colorful world around them, until a great betrayal led the King of Colors to suddenly hunt them into near extinction. The ritual is to release a so called creature into the town, and hunt it, as a reminder to the society of the painful lessons they have learned, to be without color and live safely and peacefully within their black and white walls. But when Zet realizes the truth about the monster, he is suddenly shown visions that reveal cracks within the society he has been raised in.

A haunting and beautiful story by Lorenzo De Felici, it is quite literally mesmerizing from start to finish. I first discovered their artwork in Oblivion Song, which recently finished up from Image and Skybound. Great character design and character work is the chief achievement here with Kroma, along with the careful use of color in this colorless world. As Zet begins to dream of color, and discover the cracks and lies with which the society is built on, you can feel the tension building. You don't know to what, but the final page is definitely quite the cliffhanger. Like all tales of small societies, led by corrupt figures, Kroma gives us details of the lore and ritual within the society, and handles it extremely well. Above all, De Felici utilizes, to great effect, both the idea of color and the use of it as well. A beautiful story, filled with darkness and despair, and corruption, much like our own world. And a story I'd highly recommend.