Mind's Eye Comics Pick! -- I Hate This Place #1

I Hate This Place; Image Comics 

Written by Kyle Starks 

Artwork by Artyom Topilin 

The first issue of I Hate This Place introduces the characters Gabrielle and her partner Trudy. They are on a road trip and you quickly learn that Gabrielle has inherited the Rutherford Ranch from her great aunt, and once they arrive you can sense their lives are going about to change. You can sense that things are amiss in the area, the artwork does a good job of dropping those hints as you read. Their first night in the ranch the animals become spooked and that’s when the horrific dangers begin.

What would you do if you were just dropped into a situation and place you were totally unfamiliar with and have to acclimate to these nightmares that come alive? How do you cope?

Co-creators Kyle Starks and Artyom Topilin intertwine horror, mystery and intrigue throughout this first issue in a way that makes you want more.

Horror-themed comics are one of my favorite genres. This issue did not disappoint. This story grabbed me right away and I am excited to see how Gabrielle and Trudy’s story folds out in the coming issues!