Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- I Hate Fairyland #1

I Hate Fairyland #1, Image Comics

Written By: Skottie Young

Art By: Brett Bean

In a return to the acclaimed 2015 series by Skottie Young, I Hate Fairyland follows the story of Gertrude, known as Gert, who as a little girl wished she could travel to Fairyland. She quickly regretted that wish, however, when she realized she was both stuck in Fairyland, and only aged mentally, while stuck in her child body for over thirty years. Rampaging through Fairyland (throughout the original series), Gert found a way home, and has now grown up, only to find she is hilariously unqualified for even the most basic of jobs, made worse by her temper and (relatable) inability to deal with stupid people. After being fired from a series of jobs, and finding herself on the wrong side of a bar fight, Gert is retrieved from a back alley and brought before a rich man offering her a job. A job she is more than qualified for.

The original I Hate Fairyland was a great deal of fun. Running twenty issues, between 2015-2018, Skottie Young's humor was always entertaining. As Gert fought her way out of Fairyland, it was always funny more than anything else. In addition, it was just a well written book. On that note, the return book, here in 2022, is exactly what you'd expect it to be. Between the inside cover's "Story so far," and the opening 6 pages, they do provide a recap of Gert's adventures to allow any new readers to catch up and jump in. This issue was particularly hilarious, seeing Gert's absolute inability to deal with people or do simple jobs in her now adult life. The end of the issue provides the expected way for Gert to return to Fairyland, and for her misadventures to resume. If you're looking for a good laugh, mixed with a good heart, look no further!