Mind's Eye Comics Pick -- Hulkling & Wiccan #1

Hulkling & Wiccan #1, Marvel Comics

Writer Josh Trujillo

Artist Jodi Nishijima

Hulkling & Wiccan is the perfectly cute-filled love story for Pride month! The story opens with Wiccan and Hulkling planning a dinner party with some special guests and then something goes amiss that night. Wiccan and Hulkling come into possession with an object that will show them what could have been in their life and love: an alternate reality where they find themselves not with each other! 

As you read and find out about who has been tampering with their reality, you keep asking yourself if they will find their way back to each other. Originally an online Infinity Comic, the artwork style from Jodi Nishijima works well with the story and is bright and colorful! Overall, it is a beautiful love story that shouldn't be missed. 

Anyone can pick this up, whether you have knowledge of the characters at all or not (like me)