Mind's Eye Comics Pick! -- Hulk Grand Design: Monster!

Hulk Grand Design: Monster!

Writer: Jim Rugg

Artist: Jim Rugg

From the Gamma explosion that turned Robert Bruce Banner into The Hulk, to his days as a founding member of The Avengers, his struggles to control the monster within and his involvement in the first Secret Wars, this first issue covers events from Hulk issue 1 through 300, in a fun crash course of Hulk history. The Leader, Abomination, M.O.D.O.K., and even his fellow heroes all seem to contribute to the Hulk’s loneliness and anger. Like the X-Men Grand Design books by Ed Piskor, Jim Rugg gives both a condensed, yet highly detailed summary of The Hulk’s comic book history. 

This issue features great moments in Hulk’s journey. From joining (and quickly leaving) The Avengers, meeting mainstay supporting characters like Betty Ross, Thunderbolt Ross, Rick Jones, Doc Sampson, and joining The Defenders are all discussed. Splash pages are used to great effect, such as seminal moments like the introduction of Wolverine or The Hulk TV series. The many almost deaths of Hulk and/or Banner, a bout with The Silver Surfer (as well as other heroes), and the destruction of parts of New York City, leading to The Hulk’s banishment, round out an incredibly fun wave of Hulk Smash nostalgia.