Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- Darkland #1

Darkland #1, Scout Comics

Writer: Nicholas Black

Artist: Serg Acuna

Set in the future, Darkland tells the tale of a convict released by a governing group, called The Covenant, as part of a new Domestic Marshals program. In exchange for her freedom, and having her record cleared, Audrey is to find and bring in a young girl named Rose, last seen near the border of the eastern frontier. The attention from The Covenant has attracted other forces, including a resistance movement of sorts. A bandaged man named Enoch lets a woman named Izabel know that Rose, long thought dead, is not only alive, but being hunted. Meanwhile, Audrey makes her way to the borders of the frontier, looking for Rose, who has remained self sufficient for years now.

A strong first issue, especially in what isn't said. It's clear this is a large world, with a lot going on, outside of what we've been told in this issue. I personally love stories like this, where pieces are moving in all directions. It forces the reader to ask questions and pay attention for answers. The largest question, of course, is who Rose is, and why the controlling government wants her hunted and brought in? All we see of Rose in this issue is that she takes care of herself, and her cat, and is willing to help a stranger in a tough spot. So, she's clearly got skills. Other questions include Audrey and her backstory, the resistance movement and The Covenant themselves. This all leads to the main takeaway from the issue; the reader will definitely be interested in continuing onto the next installment!