Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- Dark Spaces: Wildfire #1

Dark Spaces: Wildfire #1, IDW Publishing

Written By: Scott Snyder

Art By: Hayden Sherman

In the first of IDW Publishing's new Originals, veteran comics writer Scott Snyder brings us Dark Spaces: Wildfire, along with Hayden Sherman's beautiful artwork and Ronda Pattison's mood setting colors to accompanying it. Set in California, during the now tragically all too long and too common forest fire seasons, Dark Spaces focuses on one particular fire crew, the 513, made up of women convicts, given the chance to get out from behind bars to train and fight forest fires. The crew is led by Ruby Ma Ning, known simply as Ma to her crew, who is privately battling Stage One throat cancer, and who looks out for her crew as a motherly figure. But when one of the newer convicts on the crew, Brooks, comes up with a heist scheme, to rob her former boss's million dollar hillside home before the fire reaches it, the crew and Ma are suddenly faced with a chance to change their circumstances.

Wonderfully fleshed out by Snyder, and given full life by Sherman's brilliant artwork and Rona Pattison's amazing colors, this first issue does a magnificent job of introducing readers to each of the women on the crew, especially Ma. Between the introduction to each crew member, the history of the 513 crew and the building of palpable tension between Ma and the crew after Brooks first reveals her plan, this was a fantastic read. The final panel tease was more than enough to have readers excited, worried and curious for the next installments. I am giddy that IDW, one of my favorite comics publishers (current home of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), are finally going more into the direction of original indie content, and this first issue of Dark Spaces was a great launch for the line. Highly recommended indeed!