Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- Damn Them All #1

Damn Them All #1, Boom Studios

Written By: Simon Spurrier

Art By: Charlie Adlard

Orphaned and raised by her Uncle Alfie, Ellie begs him to show her real magic when she was seventeen. His first lesson: magic doesn't work without sacrifice. After a successful summoning spell and ritual, Ellie is introduced to supernatural forces for the first time. Despite her Uncle's assumption that she would be too scared to ever get involved with the supernatural, or magic, again, Ellie learns more from her Uncle until his death twelve years later. After her Uncle's funeral, a wake is held by the mob, of which he and Ellie are connected to. When a spirit is summoned to kill a man, Ellie realizes something is wrong. It's too easy. Her mob boss informs her the seventy-two evil spirits that rule the underworld have been somehow released, and summoning them is not only easier, but being used by others to do their will. After another run in with one of the evil spirits confirms this, Ellie realizes there is more going on than she realizes.

I loved this issue. This was a fantastic comic, and a great setup for a wonderful and unique supernatural story. I loved the opening of the comic the most. The narrative, the art choices, especially viewing Uncle Alfie's ritual through Ellie's eyes, worked beautifully to give the reader a sense of being there with her and experiencing things in a very deliberate way. The choice to not actually show Ellie until a third of the way through the issue was incredibly well done by Spurrier and Adlard. The text pages, explaining background about the supernatural, were welcome and informative. Everything about this comic was amazing, and I can't wait to read more. If you're looking for something dark and supernatural, something different and original, something unlike any other comic you've read before, then look no further. I honestly can't recommend it enough!