Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! - Blue Beetle Graduation Day #1

Blue Beetle Graduation Day #1, DC Comics

Written by: Josh Trujillo 

Artist: Adrián Gutiérrez 

Jaime Reyes, the current Blue Beetle, is graduating but he is battling against having time to make for his family and friends. His scarab, Khaji Da, is having troubles transforming and starts to find signals at the worst times for Jaime. He is feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders right from the first page.

Superman stops by the celebrations to wish a congratulations and to continue to ask, "what do you want from your future," which does not help Jaime's sense of overwhelm. Superman wants him to take a break to spend with family and help give his time to find more direction in his young life, which might just be what we get to see in this six-issue mini-series! The artwork and storytelling make a fun start and overall it leaves you wanting for issue two. 

There will be a Spanish version of each issue, too!