Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- Batman and The Joker: The Deadly Duo #1

Batman and The Joker: The Deadly Duo #1, DC Comics

Story and Art By: Marc Silvestri

After a suspicious murder occurs in The Bowery district of Gotham City, Batman investigates along with Detective Harvey Bullock, while Jim Gordon is out of town. A grisly murder scene reveals the victim was an ex-SWAT member, who despite shooting the killer at close range, was still torn apart before the killer jumped down a five story elevator shaft to escape. Clues at the scene point to the Joker, but when Batman tracks down the real killer, he quickly realizes its a new character all together, and that he is outmatched. When the Gotham police arrive on scene, the situation only gets worse, and the killer escapes. Batman then receives an unlikely offer of help from non other than the Joker himself, enraged by his incidental connection to the case. 

Having grown up reading comics in the late 1980's and into the 1990's, I am no stranger to the beautiful artwork of Marc Silvestri. He was drawing X-Men when I first began reading, and his Cyberforce in the early Image Comics days was a favorite for my teenage sensibilities. So, that being said, I am a huge, incredibly biased fan of his, but let me tell you: his work here on Batman and The Joker is incredible! Just beautifully rendered, impeccable inking and a really fun story make for a really good first issue. A team up between Bats and the Joker isn't a first, but it's still fun and SIlvestri has set the table for what should be an enjoyable Black Label mini series.