Mind's Eye Comics Pick! -- Alice Ever After #1

Alice Ever After #1

Writer: Dan Panosian

Artist: Giorgio Spaletta and Dan Panosian

In a follow up to Lewis Carroll’s classic books, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, writer Dan Panosian gives us an unexpected tale of what became of Alice since her journey to Wonderland as a young girl. As narrated, quite unexpectedly, by Alice’s cats (Kitty and Snowdrop), we find Alice grown up, living a less than idyllic life, essentially working for a drug peddler to get her next fix of pills, which she uses to escape back to Wonderland. 

A disappointment to not only her family, but to even the drug peddler she works for, Alice seems as childish, naive and innocent as ever. Seemingly unable, or unwilling to deal with the pitfalls of adulthood, Alice simply escapes into her next fix and back to Wonderland. As her family conspires to get rid of her, Alice comes up with a plan to get an endless supply of pills and return to Wonderland permanently. Fantastic artwork, by Panosian and Spaletta, highlight a welcome return to the journey of Alice, my personal favorite heroine in all of literature.