Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1

Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1, DC Comics

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Clayton Henry

In one heck of an opening sequence, a blood-thirsty evil Kryptonian from another universe, named Ultraman, is travelling from universe to universe killing each version of Clark Kent he can find. Meanwhile, on Earth Zero, Jon Kent is marveling at his newly found anonymity (thanks to events in Action Comics #1050, where Lex Luthor made the the world once again forget the Super family's secret identities), when he's rushed off to stop Lord Industries satellites that are suddenly falling from space. Aided in his efforts by the sudden appearance of yet another hero from the multiverse, Val-Zod Superman (from the classic Earth 2 series), who is on Earth Zero to recruit Jon's help in stopping Ultraman from continuing to kill every version of Clark Kent, including his own father. Will Jon be able to once again enter the multiverse and face the man who once imprisoned him, stealing years of his life?

This was a lot of fun. Taylor's writing is great, and the artwork by Clayton Henry is beautiful. Probably the best concept from this issue is the idea that in each of these other universes, where a Superman has been killed by Ultraman, the worlds he once protected have quickly fallen. This is exactly what would happen. Superman, love him or not, is the world's best protector, and I love Tom Taylor exploring that idea here. Not to mention the excitement from the idea that Jon must finally face his one time captor in Ultraman, who imprisoned and tortured him for years (see the Bendis era). Lastly, this storyline is being billed as the "road to injustice," bringing Jon Kent face to face with the characters of Taylor's video-game inspired Injustice world and universe. So, there are many promising things on the horizon for this title, and Taylor is more than a capable writer to pull it off. If you're looking for a fun series, and good jump on point, this is definitely that.