BOYS BE GN VOL 08 (OF 20) (MR)

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  The anthology of tales about ordinary high school kids and their trials of love and loss continues.  In eight new chapters, you will meet a boy whose girlfriend starts a web page that attracts stalkers, a couple that spends 12 magical hours together, and a girl who tries to enter the Japanese Women's Pro Wrestling Association but ends up falling for her trainer!  
        Key Selling Points:  
  • Inspired a hit anime series and a PS2 Game in Japan
    • Series writer Itabashi Masahiro also directed the popular anime series, Saber Marionette J
      • More than 22,500 Internet fan sites are dedicated to Boys Be...
        • Appeals to fans of A.I. Love You and Negima
          • Tasteful fan-service in the style of Ai Yori Aoshi