MANGA Z #2 (C: 0-0-1)

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"The Adventures of Lenifille" (Kazuaki Ishida): Having left the Forest of the Lost, adventurer Kyle and his new companion, the elf Lenifille, return to the nearby village inn to retrieve Kyle's sword from the landlady who tricked him out of it.  "Foxy and Wolfy" (Kitsune Windsor, MitsuBlinger and Ana Kris): MD-afflicted spirit guardian Foxy and her lupine parter Amaya travel between the human and demon worlds to combat bloodthirsty, genocidal demonic forces.  "Fluffy" (Johnny Segura, Matt Chambers): At the home base of the United Territories of the Legionnaires, General Eavheal questions a survivor on a recent attack at one of his bases.  Little does he know, the answer is about to come knocking on his front door.