PICKS OF THE WEEK! Friday, July 9, 2nd Pick

2nd Pick...


The 10th Anniversary of Skybound is upon us, and the powers that be have graced us with an insanely cool anthology series, entitled Skybound X. Featuring several variant covers, each featuring characters in the different stories within, my personal favorite is the standard “A” cover, featuring Rick Grimes with a lightsaber. Only we probably shouldn’t call it that, or Disney will get mad. At all of us. But yes, the main story, continuing throughout the anthology series, features a Rick Grimes 2000 tale, where by issues end he brands a…laser sword? Wait, Disney owns that name too? Well, you get the idea.

The other three stories in issue one feature “The True Story of the Ultramega,” a Manifest Destiny tale, and finally making her comic book debut, Clementine from the Walking Dead Tell Tale Games. Mostly, the main draw here for me was the Rick Grimes 2000 story. I could literally not stop having my eyes drawn to that beautiful Ryan Ottley cover on the New Release wall. All in all, it’s all a lot of fun, and this is a very high quality issue (thicker spine and everything) for only $4.99, celebrating some of the various fan favorite tales from Skybound and beyond.