PICKS OF THE WEEK! Friday, July 16, 2nd Pick

This week pick...


Ah yes... My old faithful standby. In a week of comics I was excited for, but not overly excited for, it’s always nice to return to my favorite comic book series; TMNT. While the past 19 issues with new writer Sophie Campbell have felt very different from the elements that made the first 100 issues so spectacular, I’ve still really enjoyed the series. And, the letter columns of the past two issues has also had some nice discussion on constructive criticism from readers, versus just rudely bashing a book that many people have worked so hard on, and many fans still enjoy. Which is an important distinction.

Moving on... What’s happening in the comic? Upset with Hob after he unleashed the mutagen bomb that created new mutants, which got “Mutant Town” isolated and literally walled off from the rest of the city, a gathering is occurring outside Hob’s headquarters to protest. The groups leader, Sally Pride, used to be in Hobb’s Mutanimals, but left after the bomb was unleashed. Battle lines are drawn, and threats gather against Sally, while the Turtles watch out for her from above, and April is now trapped in Mutant Town after discovering Baxter’s plans to attack the area, and he used his influence to brand her a criminal. The finale of the issue sets up many questions, and an explosive confrontation next month.