Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- Tim Drake: Robin #1

Tim Drake: Robin #1, DC Comics


Written By: Meghan Fitzmartin

Art By: Riley Rossmo

Writer Meghan Fitzmartin returns to the world of Tim Drake, picking up where things left off in the Batman: Urban Legends shorts, and the DC Pride: Tim Drake Special. Tim is in a state of transition. He’s moved out from the Bat-family, settling on the Gotham City Marina on his own, and has continued to move forward with dating his new boyfriend, Bernard. Unsure of himself, and what this new relationship means, Tim is none the less happy in his new life. After Darcy Thomas, a “We Are Robin” initiate shows up, the two respond to a murder on the Marina, calling in Detective Williams to officially assist. Tim puts his master detective skills to work, solving the clues and the case, which turns out to be more than he bargained for.

As a fan of where Meghan Fitzmartin has taken Tim Drake’s story, and more specifically how she chose to do it, I’m very excited to see her pick up the story threads from the Urban Legends story and the Pride special. With the backlash from some readers, I find that many people are too focused on Tim’s new Bisexuality without bothering to read the comic, or the story, to see the how and why it was done. Firstly, I think Tim and Bernard together are adorable. Tim’s running narrative in his head is extremely relatable, as he is filled with self-doubt and tries to settle into the new relationship and discover what it means to him. Also, seeing Tim get his own supporting cast is really cool to see. Fitzmartin and Rossmo also combine well to show how Tim reads a crime scene, looking at each clue, analyzing them and solving the case, which I thought was really unique. End of the day, it’s a story well told, and that’s more than enough.