Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- Tales From Earth 6: A Celebration of Stan Lee

Tales From Earth 6: A Celebration of Stan Lee, DC Comics

Writers: Michael Uslan, Mark Waid, Stephanie Williams, Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Kenny Porter, Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, Zac Thompson, Meghan Fitzmartin, Steve Orlando and Jerry Ordway.

Artists: Lee Weeks, Kevin Maguire, Belen Ortega, Pablo M. Collar, Karl Mostert, Juan Ferreyra, Hayden Sherman, Anthony Marques, Max Dunbar and Jerry Ordway. 

In celebration of what would be Stan Lee's 100th birthday, DC Comics harkens back to 2001, when they released a series of books called "Just Imagine...," which paired industry icon Stan Lee and a superstar artist together reimagining the classic DC characters of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Shazam and others. Like other prestige format celebration issues, this features 10 short stories by industry greats like Michael Uslan, Mark Waid, Becky Cloonan and Jerry Ordway, among other writers, collaborating with artists like Lee Weeks, Kevin Maguire, Hayden Sherman and Juan Ferreyra to continue the universe of stories began by Stan Lee in 2001.

Each of the stories feature different characters from the "Just Imagine" universe, beginning with probably the best story in the collection, featuring Batman written by Michael Uslan and drawn by Lee Weeks. In the gritty tale, the Choker is on the prowl, killing at will until Batman leaps into action to stop him, and managing to form a working relationship with Commissioner Hal Jordan in the process. The other tale which really caught my eye was the Wonder Woman story by Stephanie Williams and Belen Ortega. Mostly it's just interesting and fun to see such radically different versions of the classic characters. Aquaman, for example, is a man who turns into...well, an Aquaman. Shazam is very different as well. If you remember the "Just Imagine" line, and are here for the nostalgia, or if you are a newbie, just enjoy this celebration of one of the most influential creators in the industry.