Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- Secret Invasion #1

Secret Invasion #1, Marvel Comics

Written By: Ryan North

Art By: Francesco Mobili

Responding to a lead in rural Iowa, and now a freelance agent, Nick Fury encounters a woman and children who believe her recently dead husband was actually a Skrull. Realizing they are only using this belief as a coping mechanism, Fury tells her he'll look into it, and goes to see Maria Hill. It's here we realize that the story told about the Iowa family was false, and Nick is now being impersonated by a Skrull. Captured easily, the Skrull reveals there are multiple Skrulls posing as Fury, attempting to infiltrate different government groups. Hill warns those agencies, and those attempts are also a little too easily thwarted. A curtesy call to the Avengers results in a final page shocker and cliffhanger.

A really good first issue, this most recent Secret Invasion (not to be confused with the original event series of the same name) is off to a good start. A few great twists keep you guessing and ramp up the intrigue, as any well told story with shape shifting aliens should. Ryan North just does a really good job of selling you on one thing, then pulling the rug out from under you as a reader and making you not trust anything or anyone in the story. Which is a really rare thing to find in modern comics, especially as a long time reader. Anytime I can be successfully tricked into looking in one direction, and the writer reveals I should've been looking in another it's pretty special. I'd definitely recommend this for anyone looking for something different from Marvel these days.