Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1, Marvel Comics

Writer: Cody Ziglar

Artist: Federico Vicentini

Good 'ol Marvel. Something's never change, and here we are with yet another renumbered title. Miles Morales gets a spiffy new volume, and things pick up with Miles feeling a little rundown and low. Having gone through a lot recently, Miles is feeling stressed and gets himself in trouble with violating the Powers Act, and then gets himself suspended at school. After talking with is parents, Miles realizes he needs to sort thing out and recenter himself. But after nearly beating the Bumbler to death, Miles discovers his anger is becoming an issue. Feeling unappreciated for his efforts, and like he's spinning his wheels, Miles tries to refocus himself by remembering the special words we all know: with great power comes great responsibility. 

I really enjoyed this issue. Miles is in a very relatable space in his life, where he feels like he can't do anything right, and wants to ask for help, but doesn't know how. Missing when he felt like things made more sense, and also missing his friend and mentor Peter Parker, Miles seems to be stuck making bad decisions. He's also very focused on trying to help the people around him, and doing the right thing, not realizing how much stress he's putting himself under, or how that's affecting him. The side plots, between Miles' situation at school, with his parents and the tension between him and the authorities after violating the Powers Act, are all very interesting, in addition to the new character introduced and the hook at the end of the issue. I'd recommend checking out the issue, especially for the artwork by Federico Vicentini, which is jaw dropping and beautiful.