Mind's Eye Comics Pick!! -- DC's Terrors Through Time (One Shot)

DC's Terrors Through Time (One Shot), DC Comics

Written By: Paul Levitz, Sholly Fisch, Peter Nguyen, Zac Thompson, Charles Skaggs, Jeremy Haun, Matthew Levine, and Tim Seeley.

Art By: Raul Fernandez, Luciano Vecchio, Peter Nguyen, Andy McDonald, Tom Mandrake, Juan Doe, Jorge Corona, and Kelley Jones.

In time for the Spooky season, DC Comics presents an anthology one shot, filled with appropriate tales for Halloween. From The Phantom Stranger, to Swamp Thing, the JSA, the Super Sons and the Gotham City Sirens, among others, each tale brings different characters to the forefront and allows them to shine in the spotlight. The first story was probably my favorite, featuring The Phantom Stranger and written by Paul Levitz. The tale focuses on The Phantom Stranger protecting the innocent on Halloween night, when the bridge between worlds is weaker and creatures and demons can escape into the mortal world. The story does a good job of showcasing The Phantom Stranger having protected the mortal world for centuries, and the dangers inherent in the night we now call Halloween.

Other stories I enjoyed were the Super Sons, dressing up for Trick 'r Treat in the other's costume, before shenanigans ensue. Swamp Thing fighting to protect nature from radiated monsters in an unspecified future, The Justice Society (JSA) in action against the supernatural forces unleashed by Hitler and the Nazi's. And the final tale, featuring Deadman, written by Tim Seeley, with artwork by Kelley Jones, was also quite enjoyable. Overall, these (usually holiday themed) anthology one shots from DC Comics are worth the pickup. Featuring eight different stories, they give you a chance to explore different characters that you might not otherwise experience, or well known characters, like the Gotham City Sirens, in different situations. I'd definitely recommend this Halloween anthology tale, to help get in the mood for the Spooky season.